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Berovo Lake and Bachilo Klepalo

If you wish to get away from the everyday routines and the city fuss, one of the ideal places in Macedonia is the Berovo Lake. Only 6 kilonetres away from Berovo, with an area of 0,57 square kilometres is situated this natural masterpiece. The dam which created the lake was constructed in 1970 and is 60m high, which makes it one of the biggest river dams in Macedonia.

Due to the relatively high altitude of 1000 metres, the area has very pleasant climate, making this spot an excellent getaway during the summer. The lake shores are rich with pine forest, as well as deciduous forest, while fields of colorful flowers, forest fruits and various herbs are stretched throughout the valley.

15 kilometres away from Berovo, on an altitude of 1350 metres, is situated the most famous sheepfold in the Balkans, Klepalo. As far as the eyes reach in this area, only dense forest areas and broad meadows can be seen, enriched by a lot of field flowers. On the sheepfold, the hosts have furnished a large room with several tables and 50 seats, all made of woods, covered with handmade tablecloths. On Klepalo’s menu the most famous specialties are the spinach pie baked in traditional furnace, which is served in large plates, enough to feed 11 guests, the buttermilk, the cottage cheese, other cheese types, the juices from blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, black currant and many other forest fruits, mountain potato from Maleshevo mountain, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers. On the customers’ demand, many types of meat specialties can be roasted as well.

GPS coordinates: 41°40’28.98”N     22°53’51.51”E