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Picnic Area Ravna Reka

Only 10 kilometres away from Pehchevo, in the beautiful and rich nature of the Maleshevo Mountains is situated Ravna Reka. This entire complex is covered with high beech and pine woods and here are located the springs of the river Bregalnica, the second longest river in Macedonia, as well as around 10 waterfalls, out of which the highest one is 14 metres. There is no data about how did Ravna Reka got its name, however, it is assumed that it is named after the old town Raven, in which the brothers Cyril and Methodius, the establishers of the Slavic alphabet and culture, were residing during their Bregalnica mission, when they actually created the Glagolitic alphabet. Just several kilometres from the picnic area Ravna Reka, there are foundations of an old settlement, while from Ravna Reka to the border with Bulgaria, there are around 10 kilometres, reigned by an untouched nature. There is no populated area nearby from both sides of the border.

What is especially interesting about Ravna Reka is that there is no electrical energy in this tourist site. At the site, there are around 15 weekend houses, which have their own aggregates with gas, petrol and oil, while the tourists renting the houses have a mandatory training in handling the aggregates.