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The enjoyment has a new name now.

About Hotel Gogov


Hotel Gogov is the first and only hotel situated in the center of the city Pehčevo, a city in the north-eastern valley of Maleševo, near the border with Bulgaria.

With available area of 1,000 square meters, Hotel Gogov has the capacity to accommodate up to 50 guests in different types of rooms and suites.

Alongside the regular facilities including a bar and a restaurant, open terrace and equipped conference hall suitable for conference tourism, Hotel Gogov features additional contents and activities of service to guests.

The hotel includes a SPA center with the all esteemed and sought Finnish sauna, a traditional Turkish steam bath, and for even bigger enjoyment and indulging in hedonistic pleasures of relaxation, guests can use the massage rooms and the jacuzzi.

While for those guests that have loads of energy and are lovers of active life, Gogov Hotel also offers a fully equipped fitness center.

For its guests, Hotel Gogov provides tour guides for recreational walks through the forests of Maleševo, or so for tours to the seven waterfalls on the river Bregalnica, numerous archaeological sites, tourist settlement Ravna Reka and other types of picnic activities.


All adrenaline and extreme sports lovers, can now challenge their roping and jumping skills at the newly built park trail in Pehčevo, at height of 4 to 6 meters, among the high stalks of the incredible pine forest.

This trail, besides requiring mental and physical fitness, at the same time it is an adrenaline challenge for all lovers of extreme sports, and therefore it is called adrenaline trail.

The length of the trail is 600 meters divided in two parts

Adrenaline trail 360m

Zip-line with length of 240 meters

Adrenaline trail


The park is composed of three parts; adrenaline trail with 36 ramps of which 24 are for adults only and 12 where children can join the adults, zip-line for adults and children and a section that is intended for toddlers, so that the whole family can spend together one day here as part of their holiday.
Qualified instructors are available for all park visitors, which enable training and help for overcoming the catchy spots and safely land on the ground. If park visitors adhere to the instructions and guidelines given by the responsible people and carry the necessary equipment, 100% safety is guaranteed for everyone that wants to pass the 4 to 6 meters high trail.