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Pehchevo Waterfalls

Few kilometres from the tourist settlement Ravna Reka is located the area Chengino Kale, also known as the most eastern part of Macedonia. The springs of the river Bregalnica can also be found here, and below it are situated the springs of the two smaller rivers Ljutachka and Z’tachka Reka, which flow into another river at the location Skokoto and afterwards continue into Ravna Reka. This tourist site is rich with lush vegetation, valleys and waterfalls, more familiar as Pehchevski waterfalls.

Pehchevski waterfalls, four in total, are the first representation of the natural beauties created by the River Bregalnica throughout its flow.

·      Spikovski Waterfall – located on Spikovska River, the right tributary to Ravna Reka, after which it got its name. A 500 metres paved pedestrian trail, with gazebos and benches, leads to this waterfall, while at the very beginning of the trail there is a smaller waterfall. The clear waters of this waterfall fall from around 8 metres. During the summer drought periods the water from the waterfalls is significantly decreased.

·      Crndolski Waterfall – named according to the place where it is situated. Crn Dol is another tributary to Ravna Reka. The paved pedestrian trail that leads to this waterfall, around 400 metres long, is filled with many gazebos and resting places for the visitors and it is really convenient for hiking. The water in this waterfall falls from 5 metres height.

·      Skokotot – this is the third waterfall, situated on the upper part of Velevichka River, straight after the inflow of Ljutachka and Z’tachka River into one another, and by this, it is plentiful of large quantities of water. The water of this waterfall falls from around 7 metres height. A paved pedestrian trail leads to this place, which starts from the area called Debel Rid and is around 1500 metres long.

·      Ljutachka River Waterfall – the fourth waterfall can be visited only with a terrain vehicle. There are resting benches on the road, however, there is no pedestrian trail around the waterfall. The water has a fall from around 10 metres height.