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Bike and moto trail: Pehchevo – Ravna Reka – Village of Spokovo

Trail: Pehchevo – Ravna Reka – Village of Spikovo – Pehchevo

Category: Mid-difficult

Start: Pehchevo

Finish: Pehchevo

Height: 601 m

Length: 29,7 km

Time of moving with a bike: 6 hours

The lovers of the mountain biking can enjoy the ride on a trail long 29,7 kilometres. The trail is round, starts in Pehchevo and passes through the tourist site Ravna Reka, where the wonderful Pehchevo Waterfalls can be seen. The bike trail then continues through pines and beeches with aromatic scents, penetrated by sunrays. Throughout the entire ride wonderful sceneries can be seen, as well as numerous meadows for rest and break. The bike trail can be passed in around 6 hours and is mid-difficult. This ride will test your physical preparedness and condition.