Hotel Gogov

Sport and recreation

Rules of the Adventure Park Panorama Pehchevo

Rules of the Adventure Park: 

1.     Climbing belt

2.     3 zipline carabineers

3.     Rope/zipline rope

4.     Helmet

5.     Gloves

6.     Closed shoes


Adrenaline trail:

·      Moving only with equipment

·      The user must always be secured (hooked) with both of the ropes

·      On each platform there must not be more than two people

·      On each ramp there must not be more than one person

·      The climbing of the trail can be made only after the instructor provides instructions and the guest signs the declaration of compliance and respect of the rules

·      The compliance to the instructor’s instructions are mandatory

·      The park is not used when it’s windy

·      People under the influence of alcohol and drugs must not climb in the park

·      The adrenaline trail part intended only for grown ups cannot be used by people shorter than 150cm, while the children’s part cannot be used by people shorter than 110cm.


·      Zipline can be used only by one person at a time

·      The platforms of the zipline can be used both by the guests and the instructors

·      The instructors provide the instructions about the usage of the zipline

·      One usage of the zipline is considered 3 times going downhill:

§  For overcoming the fear

§  Technical introduction

§  Gaining experience

·      The zipline cannot be used by people shorther than 110cm.