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Woodwinds festival and ethno fair Pehchevski Pavlovden

The religious holiday Pavlovden (St. Paul’s Day) is a holiday of Pehchevo and due to that, the Municipality, traditionally, for a sixth year in a row organizes the woodwinds festival. This festival aims at promoting the traditional music, but moreover to enable bigger affirmation of the woodwind instruments.

The festival is from competitive character and the best participants receive prizes.

The participants and the contestants are evaluated by professional judges – musical education professors from the Music Academy in Skopje. Each orchestra is presenting themselves with a 25 minutes programme, in which there is one Macedonian traditional dance (Maleshevsko oro), as a mandatory part for all of the participants, as well as a part where the participants choose their own performance.

As part of the Pavlovden celebration activities, each year on 13 July for eight years in a row, the Ethno Fair Pehchevski Pavlovden is being organized, on which producers of traditional food, handmade products and manufacturers from all parts of Macedonia get the chance to present themselves.