Situated on the two banks of Pehchevska River, under the slopes of the Vlaina Mountain, on an altitude of 1.000 meters, is situated Pehchevo, a picturesque place surrounded by big pine woods, fresh streams and clear mountain air.

Even though it’s small, this town has a long history. Pehchevo’s birth, according to the folklore legends and the available written documents is ties with the arrival of the Turks on the Balkan Peninsula. About the existence of this old site are speaking the many names, as well as the foundations of the old Roman settlement, in which the ore from the local mines was smelted and processed. According to Pehchevo’s residents, the settlement got its name because of the smelting.

The dense woods, intersected with trails are taking the visitors to Rakovec, where the old Roman mining settlement was located. In the Middle Ages, the settlement was a significant economic and administrative center. It is believed that in Pehchevo’s vicinity are the foundations of the Medieval literary center Raven, where the brother Cyril and Methodius created the Glagolitic aplhabet, the oldest Slavic alphabet. In the village can also be found also the foundations of the old monastery complex “St. Petka” from the 6th century.

The data about this area is saying that the city was divided in three settlements, depending on the occupations of the inhabitants. In the Katerinci settlement, which was up, near the pastures, were living livestock breeders. In Gorno Maalo were the traders and the craftsmen, while the ones from Dolno Maalo were agriculture workers and gardeners.

Today in the Municipality of Pehchevo are living 5.517 people, in an area of 206 square kilometers.

Pehchevo has an ideal climate for preparation of sports teams. The city has a modern football field, as well as a sports hall and tennis playground, equipped in accordance to the latest standards.

With the great potential it owns, Pehchevo becomes a favourable investment for everybody wishing to come, visit it and have some rest.

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