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Mountain trail Pehchevo – Peak Kadiica (1932 asl)

Trail: Pehchevo – Peak Kadiica – Pehchevo

Category: Mid-difficult

Start: Pehchevo

Finish: Pehchevo

Height: 932 m

Length: 21 km

Time of moving with a bike: 6-7 hours


The trail is 21 kilometres long and starts from the centre of the Pehchevo on 1000 metres altitude. After 7 kilometres walking, the participants reach the rocky formation, the site called Vrtena Skala. The altitude difference of the trail is 932 metres. The trail passes through pine and beech forest. The highest peak of the trail is the peak Kadiica on the Vlaina Mountain, which is the second highest peak in the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia, on 1932 metres altitude. The mountain ranges throughout the very border with Bulgaria and offers a wonderful view towards the Macedonian mountains and villages, as well as towards the mountains Rila and Pirin in Bulgaria. The second highest point on the trail is the peak Orlovec on the Bukovik Mountain, with 1723 metres altitude. By the end of the trail, 3,5 kilometres from Pehchevo and on a 1200 metres altitude can be seen the carnivorous plant Drosera Rotundifolia. The trail ends in the centre of Pehchevo, once again on 1000 metres altitude.