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Carnivorous plant Drosera Rotundifolia

The carnivorous plant Drosera Rotundifolia (Venus flytrap) is located at the area Judovi Livadi, only 3,5 kilometres away from Pehchevo, on an altitude of around 1200m and it is an endemic species, since it cannot be found at any other place in the Balkans, while it is present only in several parts in the world. It is characterized with green leaves and red flower, with which it attracts the insects and sucks their juices, after which it throws their shell out. You can reach the area inhabited with this plant with a terrain vehicle, mountain bike, or by walking through two trails:

·      The bike trail, which starts at Pehchevo up to the areas with this plant, which is marked by information boards;

·      The trail of Petko and the forest inhabitants – Pehchevo adventure, which starts from the village Negrevo to the carnivorous plant, a trail that is marked with educational-informative boards.