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Adventure Park Panorama Pehchevo / Adrenaline Trail and Zipline

The adventure park Panorama Pehchevo is with a total length of 600 metres, as well as 36 ramps, out of which 24 are for grown ups only, while 12 are for children. The park is consisted of two parts:

·      Adrenaline Trail, 360 metres long, which requires large physical and mental preparation and it challenges the fear, and is available for grown ups only.

·      Zipline, 240 metres long, available both for children and grownups, which is within the swamp-ecosystem Ezerce, where the entire family can spend part of the day in rest and recreation.

The zipline and the adrenaline trail are a structure of ropes and wires, which hang from one part of the trail to another, at the high trees in the dense woods, and are fixed to auxiliary facilities, sometimes even rocks and relief heights. As obstacles in the construction of the zip line and the adrenaline trail are positioned zic-zac stairs, barrels, spikes and nogs, pillars, swings and timbers, simulated tires, nets, bridges.

For all adventure lovers, the park offers fun adrenaline challenge through the exciting sailing throughout the mountain air, between the high trees of the incredible pine forest and above the small swamp lake under the line. All this on 4 to 6 metres height from the ground for a completely new and incredible experience.

There are instructors in the park, who provide trainings and help for overcoming the obstacles and safe landing for all the visitors. If the park guests comply to the directions of the responsible staff and carry the necessary equipment, 100% safety is guaranteed to everybody willing to cross the trail. 

Rules at Adventure Park Panorama